Friday, September 23, 2011

Reality Check

I've written here about my eagerness to avoid driving my by taking advantage of cheap bus and free bicycle travel. As romantic as that sounds, I've accepted the fact that it is not an option. I really don't know what I was thinking.

Every one of my classes has a textbook. I have at least three classes a day, sometimes four. I am going to be at school, at the minimum, from 10a through 5p. I can't leave my laptop at home, since I will using it in breaks between classes to study.

In addition, I need to find a way to eat at some point during that time. The way I eat, I need to keep things cold. There is no way I know of to do that at school other than to keep food on ice in my car.

Considering all that, riding the bicycle is unthinkable. Riding the bus might be physically possible but extremely impractical. So I will be driving my car every day back and forth to school. This means an increase in expense but as a trade-off, I will have a home base during the day, meaning I won't have to lug everything around throughout the day.

I will have to find other excuses to ride my bike.

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