Thursday, October 06, 2011


I know all two of you have been waiting with bated breath wondering how I did on my dreaded Algebra test. I scored a 92 and would have had a 97 except for a major brain fart on one simple problem. So I just recently stopped slamming my head against a fence post for that major miscue and am now enjoying a happy sense of accomplishment. I worked my ass off and it paid off. Note to self: Do that always.

So this week we started a new chapter and, quite frankly it's seeming like a bit of a breeze. If this continues, considering the relative cushiness of my other classes, this quarter might end up being a nice easing into of the whole return to the academic environment. That would be nice. Next quarter will almost certainly be more challenging, what with taking Biology and Chemistry, both of which include labs. If nothing else, those two classes will take up a ton of my time. But that's next quarter.

While I'm writing this I am also doing my Music History homework by listening to Paganini violin concertos. Life is good.

Speaking of Music History, one of our options for extra credit is to attend a live performance of classical music and write a short report. I learned Tuesday that if you show up at an Oregon Symphony concert two hours before showtime with $10 and your student I.D., you can purchase the best available seat in the house. Very nice. I am going to try to nab tickets for performances of Mozart's Jupiter symphony and Beethoven's one and only violin concerto. Years ago I had a cassette recording of the latter and played it until it finally broke. Stoked I am.

For those monitoring the shedding of pounds I've experienced since changing the way I eat: I am just under 128 lbs. (down from 167 about 4 months ago - I lost over 23% of my previous body weight), wearing 28" jeans (tiny bit loose), and feeling great. I am beginning the process of stabilization by starting to add some carbs back into my diet.

Today I am turning in first writing assignment that counts for English Comp. and tomorrow we have our first quiz that counts for Music History. I guess we are rolling now!

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