Monday, October 03, 2011

First Test Day

This afternoon I have a test in Algebra. It's not that big of a deal, but it is the first time in 16 years that I've taken a test in an academic environment. So I am a skoche nervous.

Yesterday I spent over 6 hours doing over 100 problems so I am as prepared as I can be. Later this morning I will take a few minutes to take one more look at factoring trinomials with a leading coefficient other than 1*, but other than that, it's about being very deliberate and double-checking everything.

I am reminded of learning to play golf. When I used to play, I had my mantras I would repeat as I was addressing the ball. "Head down... arm straight...", etc. Now it's "No such thing as sum of squares... SIGNS!!... keep going (with the factoring)...", etc.

I don't believe I'm going to be stumped on anything unless I have a brain fart. I should get a B and an A is well within reach. My coach suggested a non-A is perfectly acceptable and not to beat myself up if the result is something besides that. I think I agree. Mostly.

Honestly? I am a little bit excited.

*It may sound like I'm showing off with the tech speak (and maybe I am a little bit), but anyone reading this who is familiar with math will be giggling right about now. I'm pretty sure the stuff I'm being tested on is equivalent to the ABC's in writing.

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